Join dozens of community, professional, and off-Broadway musical performers for the first virtual music showcase on Zoom. This event is FREE and open to the public across the globe.

Grab a snack, a drink, a comfy seat and join un in your pjs for Life Amplified PAJAMA PARTY.

We’re putting the UNITY in Community and the social back in isolation.

Life Amplified PAJAMA PARTY features performances by:

Michael C de Baca
Adriane Falcon
Drew Eberhard
Jessica Moraton
Nancy Frasca-Cabazares
Tracy Stemm
Constantine Kyriakou
Jason Abreu
Karli Marie Gundersen
Joel Ferrer
Chelsie Camaro Smith
Destiny Newsome
Aaron Washington
Taylor Hendershot
Madison Claire Rice
Bri Filippelli
Oliver Sprague
Brent Walker
Jarrett William Koski
Gabe Flores

Becca McCoy
Allan T Anderson
Lisa and Omar Negrón
Felipe Alexander Olivero
Ash Ryan
Jason Ensor
Trevor Rockwell Salmon
Jessica Mazzterful
Chonesty Montgomery
Michelle Knight
Layla Kuck
Tom Bronson
Sonali Olivia
Heather Lynn Mendoza
Aura Gasmique
Vanna T. Scarlett
Alison Burns-Jackson
Michael Silvestri
Josh Giehbrock
Shawn Rice

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead

Recognized in February 2016 as Bay News 9’s Every Day Hero and in May 2014 as FoxTV’s Hometown Hero, produced by the WriteOne Creative Services, Life Amplified is a community-driven variety talent event for a small, local, independent nonprofit or organization proven to be in need and making a positive difference in our community.

Performers range from elementary school to senior citizen and talent varies from mind-readers and child magicians to singers, dancers, comedians, acoustic musicians and spoken word poets, among others.

Nominated for Creative Loafing’s 2019 Best of The Bay “Best Local Activist,” 2018 “Best Local Philanthropist,” and 2017 “Best Local Activist” – for Life Amplified

What is Life Amplified?

Life Amplified is a series of themed spoken word and talent showcases with a timely platform/message benefiting a selected local organization and is the philanthropic side of The WriteOne Creative Services.
Life Amplified is a 100% volunteer spoken word and talent variety showcase began in January 2013 to benefit worthy local organizations helping our community. With shows bi or tri-annually each year, all proceeds raised go to the selected organization.
Until there aren’t charities in need, Life Amplified will be here to help.

Bay News 9

Recognized as Bay News 9 Every Day Hero February 2016

Fox 13 News

Recognized as Fox 13’s Hometown Hero May 2014

In the time it takes to make an excuse, you could be starting a movement… ~Deb Kelley


2013 – PRESENT