Life Amplified ACAPELLA (Zoom during Covid-19)

Isolated during Covid-19, 8 singers performed acapella songs, hidden behind avatars on Zoom and competed for judges’ and the audiences’ vote to win the first 4-episode Life Amplified mystery singer game show.


Emceed by Deb Kelley

Peter Nason DJ Holt Karla Hartley

Caitlin Green

Ann Lehman  Tom Bronson  Lauren Burke  Brent Walker

NaTasha McKeller  Jessica Jax  Alyssa Cabrera

Life Amplified PAJAMA PARTY (Zoom during Covid-19)

Isolated during Covid-19, 29 extraordinary performers from across the country performed virtually via Zoom to entertain the audience and their fellow singers in Life Amplified PAJAMA PARTY.


Emceed by Michael C de Baca

Adriane Falcon     Drew Eberhard    Jessica Moraton     Athena Schorsch     Nancy Fueyo
Jessica Mazza    Constantine Kyriakou    Jason Abreu    Karli Marie Gundersen
Joel Ferrer   Oliver Sprague   Brent Walker   Jarrett William Koski
Allan T Anderson      Lisa and Omar Negrón     Ash Ryan     Jason Ensor
Trevor Rockwell Salmon   Sonali Olivia    Layla Kuck    Tom Bronson
Heather Lynn Mendoza   Vanna T. Scarlett    Michael Silvestri
Josh Hayes    Shawn Rice    The Chicago Saddletramps   Sonali Olivia/Jason Ensor

Life Amplified CONNECTIONS

 Located in Stageworks Theatre was a Broadway-themed showcase for Project No Labels with 18 incredible singers and opening remarks by Mayor Jane Castor.

Emceed by Deb Kelley

Drew Eberhard, Chelsie Camaro Smith, Tammy Lukas, Lena Morriseau, Shawn Rice, Erin Ruska, Daniel von Zangenberg (guitarist), Madison Claire Rice, Michael C de Baca, Adriane Falcon, Joel Ferrer, Heather Lynn Mendoza, Zach D’Onofrio, Jeffrey M. Lukas, Topher Warren, Erica Garraffa, Rob L’Ecuyer, Bryan D’Onofrio

Life Amplified AWAKENINGS

We’ve returned to our roots with the nonprofit organization that started the Life Amplified movement.

On Jan 13, 2018 (postponed from September 2017 due to Hurricane Irma), Life Amplified AWAKENINGS was persented for Redefining Refuge at Carrollwood Players Theatre.

Photos by Nick Hermsen.

Emceed by Comedian and Radio Personality Miss Marilyn J

Drew Eberhard, Jeffrey Lukas, Heather Lynn Mendoza, Bryan D’Onofrio,   Lena Morisseau, Topher Warren, Karli Marie Gundersen, Casper Hignite, and Tammy Dalton

Nicole Lauren

Adriane Falcon, Bill and Daniel Von Zangenberg – The Southern Yorkers


Life Amplified COMMENDS

 Located in the award-winning Carrollwood Players Theatre was a showcase for two local Veteran nonprofits, Expunge US Veterans and Circle of Veterans.  Life Amplified COMMENDS raised $300.

Emceed by Comedian Kojo Prince

Jessica Mazza   Sarah Morey    Topher Warren    Bri Miele   Tymberlan Alexander    Andy Harrison     Malah Fearing      Saudi Fearing

Robin Savage    John Sallustio    Becca Childs   Carlos Hernandez    Clark Brooks     Sharon Nolan

Show On the Road, Theatre Arts Of Tampa Dancers
Mary Jo’s Performing Arts Dancers

Chris Cava

Andresia Moseley   Mona Bethke     Cierra Fox

Life Amplified CAFFEINATED

5x7flyer-731x1024We’re excited to extend a helping hand to a Tampa community landmark for 19 years, Sacred Ground Coffee House, an inclusive coffee house and exciting new, original music venue that is committed in providing a safe, friendly, positive community environment for all who have an open mind and are accepting of all ways of life.

Photos  and video by Carlos Hernandez.

Local talent showcase on 3-19-2016 at Sacred Grounds.

Posted by Carlos Hernandez on Sunday, March 20, 2016

Life Amplified SADDLE UP


Emceed by
Tampa Bay’s own Dr. Chuck Stevens (Q105, 98 Rock, 95 YNF, Mix 96)
Mind Reader Justin Myers
Singers Topher Warren
Erica Garraffa
Dancers Sage and Tatiana
Comedians Geoff Williams Natasha Samreny BC Murphy Eddie James
Musicians The Cruz Brothers Chris Cava
Located in the award-winning Carrollwood Players Theatre was a showcase for a
Casey’s Healing Hooves, a horse rescue that works with disabled children and adults, and military facing PTSD and Military Sexual Trauma.

Life Amplified SADDLE UP raised almost $400 for Casey’s Healing Hooves.

Life Amplified MASQUERADE


Nine and Numb Kat Skratch Burlesque

Posted by Life Amplified on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hosted by Ellen Desper, Life Amplified MASQUERADE, in combination with sister show CWP LAUGH OFF, raised over $900 for its nonprofit theatre home venue.

Life Amplified EMPOWERS

Emceed by Comedian Robin Savage


Justin Myer – Mind Reader Topher Warren- Singer Erica Heiden -Singer R. MonaLeza – Poet
Dennis Johnson – Singer and Grace Juliano – Cellist Mercurie Rise – Singer
Beau Bostic – Hip Hop Artist Rain – Poet Poetic – Poets
Bernadette Celene – Acoustic Musician Deb Kelley – Poet
SomeGuyNamedFrank – Comedian Dominick Schafer – Acoustic Musician
Natasha Samreny – Poet Andrew Dieppa – Beatbox
Southern Yonkers – Band
Located in the award-winning Carrollwood Players Theatre comes a new showcase for Equusolutions, an organization that pairs rescued horses with military women suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to (MST) Military Sexual Trauma.

On Saturday, January 24, 2015 at 1:30pm, Life Amplified EMPOWERS did what we do best – educated the community, entertained our patrons and raised funds for a nonprofit organization helping female military soldiers through equine therapy. We raised over $500 for Equusolutions and a HORSE!

Life Amplified PAWS UP

With the new venue of the award-winning Carrollwood Players Theatre comes a new showcase for a well-deserving nonprofit that has been hit with devestating news. On April 19, 2014, an arsonist destroyed Animal Coalition of Tampa’s new facility. Not only was the entire community clinic destroyed, including all of medical equipment and supplies, but the fire took the lives of 3 of their cats, Jazz, Boy, and Mama who called the clinic home. It also left several employees without jobs.

On Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 1:30pm, Life Amplified PAWS UP did what we do best – educate the community, entertain our patrons and raise over $500 in funds for a nonprofit organization in need of our help to rebuild. In the meantime, if you want to help ACT, please donate.


Raised over $500 for Animal Coalition of Tampa

Posted by Life Amplified on Monday, September 15, 2014


The Cruz Brothers – musicians Natalie – singer
Poetic – poets Jim – poet Beau – poet SomeGuyNamedFrank – comedian Topher – singer Erica & Ciera – poets
Samira – poet Erica – singer Jennifer – dance Amy – comedian Ashley – poet Melissa – singer Marc – poet
Amy – comedian Jean – singer Kay – singer Poetic – poets Chris Cava – musician
Rain – poet Rob & Chelsea – singers


color_adFB-791x1024Due to the amazing talent of Life Amplified KIDZHELPINGKIDZ’  Emcee Logan A, Comedian Nicole Lauren, Dancers from Joni Marie Dance Academy, Card Trick Magician Bailey F., Shakespeare Actors Tyler H., Charles L., Jack S.,  Ballroom/Swing/Latin Dancers Ryan V. & Juliana S., Dubstep Dancer Jen P., Singer Natalie C., Singers Saudi, Malah, Shally F., Singer Sarah C., Singers Jack S. and Tallulah N., Singers Ryan F. and Will S.,  Singers Show on the Road students, Rapper Yaya, Acoustic Musicians The Cruz Brothers and Motivational Speaker Elizabeth C. and our incredible guests – we raised $600 for Bricks 4 the Brave, Tampa chapter.

Special thanks to James Geiger Photography, Brides n Blooms, Bay City Signs and Printing, 4D Studios LLC, Neighborhood News and Lifestyles Magazine, Jim Johnson, sound and light technician, and last minute sponsor comic book artist Bart Sears!



The first show of 2014, Life Amplified METAMORPHOSIS raised over $100 for the Crisis Center of Tampa, Take Back the Night.

Life Amplified SALUTES

Life Amplified SALUTES featured Nine and Numb and 20 performances that honored American Veterans and fundraised for K-9s for Veterans, raising nearly $500.

salutes keyfov

Life Amplified STOPH8

Life Amplified 2.0 STOPH8 focused on bully-prevention with 19 acts.

Poor camera photo pictures by me. Outstanding ones by professional photographer, Kyle Mould

Posted by Life Amplified on Monday, May 20, 2013

Life Amplified 1.0

The inaugural show opened with 2 singers, 9 poets, a comedian/impressionist and a mind-reader. The platform was human trafficking awareness.